Hey man, excellent song! Ill do my crit section by section, i guess.

Intro: awesome riff! sounds great with the RSE tone you've chosen and the palm-muting. definitely fits the genre of a punk song. Bass line goes good with the guitar too.

Verse 1 and 2: I like the way you "staged" the drums to come in a little bit more in each verse but i think repeating each verse 4 times is twice too many. maybe repeat each one twice and then the chorus. in my mind, that would flow better into the chorus as well, seeing as the verses would match the amount of bars that are in the chorus. (if that made any sense..haha)

Chorus: Cool chord progression here, kept a kinda old-school punk feel. No problems at all.

Bridge: Nice segue into the next verse. Adds a nice touch that wouldnt normally be there.

Verse 3: Same as verse 1 and 2, but no complaints on the amount of repeats or anything. The chorus and bridge are the same as well so im gonna skip to the breakdown.

Breakdown: Again, this part just seemed to long and kinda dragged on. I guess, in hindsight, vocals would make things better as just the music itself gets repetitive. Good riff tho.

Solo: This part was excellent, it stood out the most to me. I feel like this solo flowed well with the music and every note felt right in place. I especially liked bars 65-68 and that lick on bar 71. plus, who doesnt love tremolo picking? Nicely done.

Outro: Clean, solid way to end the song.

Overall this song was great. It got repetitive at times, but the sheer fact that it was this style of music kept you interested and involved. Arranged well and executed fashionably. well done, mate.


crit one of mine?

Red Eye Reverie [Post-Thrash/Progressive] <--pretty heavy song, i like this one a lot.
Third Story Window [Indie Rock] <--a little bit softer tune
Candid Camera [Progressive] <--not as heavy as Red Eye but its still got some bite. i like this one the most. very riff based and sweet solo.
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Just remembered I owe you crit'.
Sorry for the delay.

I won't go into too much detail.
Overall, it captures the genre very well.

Very catchy sounding, with some good vocals this would be an amazing song.

9/10 (Vocals could make it or break it).
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