Digitech rp350, Digitech Metal M., Mesa Boogie VTWIN, BOSS RC-20XL Looper

Hey you guys, I've got 3 pedals I'm wanting to sell at some point and I figured I'd post them on here first.

First pedal is a Digitech RP350. I've owned this thing for almost two years. I've treated it really well, actually I've never even taken it out of the house. All 3 of the pedals and the expression pedal work like they're supposed to. You'll really want to mess around with your own presets, as I've found that the preset presets (haha..) are sub-par. Has something like 17 different effects, a lot of amp/cab models (I think about 50, not sure, I'll check and update this later). A very useful little box. Again, it works fine, I've just become used to running straight into my amp. COMES WITH ADAPTER.


Next is a Digitech Metal Master. I've had this thing forever.. Lately it has been just sitting around Everything works really well on it. If you're not familiar with its controls, it has Level, Low, High, and Morph knobs. Umm.. Not really much more to say. Has distortion in gobs when you need it, but it also goes down to a kind of ACDC gain stage.

75 USD

Next is the Mesa Boogie VTWIN. This thing is awesome. Works really great, I bought it on consignment from a local CD store. It has Gain, Low, Mid, Treble, Presence, and then Master knobs. It's a tube preamp/distortion pedal. Got two Mesa tubes in it. It has Clean, Blues, and Solo channels. Has 2 switches, bypass and a switch between either Clean and Solo or Blues and Solo. There is a switch in the middle of the pedal that decides the first channel. Comes with the adapter. By the way, the adapter is like 15 ft. long..

200 USD

Lastly, there's the BOSS RC-20xl loop pedal. Really, really cool, usable pedal. Doesn't suck tone at all in my experience, like I thought it would. I just bought it maybe 2 or 3 months ago. Still has the first batteries from BOSS in it Works really great. I still have the box and the manual, so of course you would get those.

175 USD

All of these prices are negotiable, of course. It would be really great if you were in the Western NC region, but we can work something out. No shipping outside of the US, sorry, but you can always arrange a middle-man. The pics are in my profile. PM or comment me, or post here. Thanks you guys
Any pictures of the V-Twin? Extremely interested.
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