Okay, I have a Fender Stratocaster, and I was wondering... Is there any way to make the tremelo work without taking the strings completely out of tune?

Any help would be appreciated.
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You'll never be able to go crazy and have it stay in tune, vintage trem systems aren't built to cope with that kind of abuse.

You can help their case though; things like a roller nut (made by LSR I think), locking tuners, properly stretched strings. In the mean while lubricating your nut with graphite from a pencil lead or something like that will certainly help.

If you want Dimebag/Satch/Vai style whammy abuse though you will need a double locking system though.
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that is normal, you cant use the stratocaster tremolo without detune your strings
if you want to use it, it has to be soft, not to do some kinda Steve Vai's tricks
if you want to do anything you want with your tremolo
get a Floyd Rose
Oh, not to threadjack or anything, but has anyone tried the Super V trems? I'm thinking about getting one for my MIM.
TS, you need to balance your bridge.

you can max out the springs in your trem cavity and keep it flush.

it'll be harder to use but will stay in tune for you.

or you can keep it in perfect balance. equal pull from strings vs springs, keeping all contact points lubed.

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Try a tremnut. They help.
and make sure teh slots are wide enough for the strings and tighten the springs in the back of the trem
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