So, I haven't done a cover in a while! This one isn't one of my best... BUT, I wanted to share it with y'all before the song got old. HAHA. If I feel bored, I'll probably do it again.


Haha this is great. I was literally in the middle of listening to the original and then I saw your post. You have a nice voice, you just need a little more attitude. I also just wish you had mixed it better. Hoping for some sick soloing but whatever, nice job!
Not bad for a rough version, If you do decide to re-record it you could consider:

Bringing the vocals up in the mix
cutting back the backing vocals (maybe just panning them a little more/less to one side instead)
bringing up the guitar but knocking the gain down a smidge

Otherwise I like it!

Too much gain = Ears in pain
Nice voice!
Not much of a crit, but hey, just like to say that i liked it.
if you want to take a listen to marigold in my profile that'd be sweet!
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Really great cover. Recording quality is superb. Not bad but not yet professional. I actually haven't heard the song before but it's a great cover. You got a very nice voice. You got a great skill.


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Twas very good =) shes got a hard voice to sing similar to and you nailed it.