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Life in a Plaster Cast
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Voters: 7.
Life in a Plaster Cast

can't get you out of my head
the grace of your glorious face
cleverly crafted remarks
never a face to replace

reliably guilty
predictably unpredictable
turbulent times
steady the ship

love lie down
reinvent the wheel
god could not create
these feelings i feel

rainy sundays
love escaped
hot tea
cold rain
hot tea
cold rain

sinking away
into the vast open
space of nothingness
love escaped

going through the motions
drooping roses
revisiting the past
the love that never lasts
a life
in a plaster cast


You should see my house.
And endless sea of paper.
Notebooks with stories that don't go anywhere,
poetry about
metaphysics and
because I hate not knowing things,
and I don't know why.
All the die rolls behind the scenes,
every opinion, every comparison,
I must know where I stand in
a world that keeps moving
(why do you think I'd post this piece of shit?)

I am a mad scientist
reaching for the hammock in the sky.
I'll write down my dreams of
women, offering their hands,
try and preserve the image of her living, breathing
soul, and keep it on my desk.
A little postcard from Hawaii, saying
"wish you were her"

This one is for you guys;
the click track poets,
the mad geniuses that
take a shit on paper and call it art.
That's the freedom I want.
No bills to pay, no interruptions.
Just time to get to know myself.