I just developed a blister on both my plucking fingers, and my school's jazz band concert is tomorrow night. Ordinarily I'd just play through it, but I've got a bebop-style solo (eighth notes at 260 bpm hurt a hell of a lot with blisters). Does anyone know a quick remedy or something that can reduce the pain of playing with compromising technique or tone (i.e. what covering my fingers with something would do)?
I already popped it with a needle and left all the skin. Not playing really isn't an option. I'm gonna try a saltwater soak cause it supposedly hardens it up a bit. Know of any topical anesthetics I could try? That's probably pretty stupid to do but it would be a last ditch effort.
I used alcohol pads when I use to get blisters. Drys up the skin and keeps it clean.
take some advil and a 4 to 5 shots of vodka 30 minutes before the show
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take some advil and a 4 to 5 shots of vodka 30 minutes before the show

+1 Plus any other medication you can find. And... bananas.
Playing with them is going to cause damage no matter what. My opinion, take the pain like a real bass player who has a show would.
Get some New Skin or liquid bandages. Apply before you play and remember to take it off after you play. New Skin will inhibit callouses forming but they are a godsend if you need to play with blisters.
I put hokey or volley-ball tape on the tip of my fingers and I some times put a very thin piece of cardboard under the tape to help with the the pain and to help prevent new blisters.

Edit: I think this is stupid but I heard of some dude that puts condoms on his fingers?!?!?
it's stupid but it may work? if you can get small ones that dont rip?

on second thought don't do that it's stupid
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Use a pick, numbnuts. A well-rounded bass player should know how to play pickstyle for when situations like these come up. A felt pick would be best.
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TormentedRx, I'm obviously going to "take the pain" and play if there's no other option, but if something was going to affect your solo, don't you think you'd try to do something about it? Good job on sounding macho while calling me a non-real bass player.

Everyone else, thanks for the helpful answers. Anarkee, does the NewSkin make it harder to play, change the tone, anything like that?
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unlikely. I played with liquid bandage on and was fine.
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I can play pickstyle no problem, in fact I used to do it just as much as fingerstyle, and of course the idea has occured to me. But there's no way in hell I'm going to use a pick for the set of jazz and latin songs we have lined up, even a felt one.

I'll just pick up some liquid bandage and even if that doesn't work out for me I'm fine with a lighter touch. Thanks to everyone who helped me out
Someone here recommended using super glue on your fingers for something like that (I have a bad scar on one finger), and it definitely works. It feels a bit strange, but it doesn't inhibit your playing any.
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super glue works pretty well too. put it on thin, let it dry...it will wear off in a few days

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use a pick??
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