A deal used online here in London, Ontario, Canada.
I play tool, muse, black keys, radiohead, sublime, blind melon, frusciante, that kinda stuff...rock I guess you can call it.
I have an Ibanez RG, and the last amp I was looking at was a f-30 but she didn't work out...so stuff like that.
There's a couple on ebay but by buying american it will cost 200 more due to exchange.
Budget? Anywhere up to 800 I guess.
So any amps you can suggest or deals you can scour would be nice.
I found a hot rod deluxe online for 400 something which looked like a good deal, but can it do the stuff I want it to?
I know I need other pedals to get the full effect of those bands so don't bother telling me.
I want to be able to plug in my acoustic so I don't want an amp with crap cleans.