This is a pretty simple question: Can you paint the pickguard? I have a white sparkle pickguard and wondered if i can paint it with black and yellow bullseye will this be possible and look good? Thanks!
u cant paint it, but it will be hard for it not to look like shit
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Yeah, you can.

I put a big om on my pickguard and put some finish on it. But now the finish is wearing off where I strum really hard (it's looking nice on the other side... wood is starting to show! ) I did mine in Sharpie, so I advise using some other kind of substance. (The black is starting to go blue )
use nail polish
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you need to use special paint that adheres to plastic. Krylon makes it, it's called Fusion. But it is tough for it to look good close up.
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What i did was wet sand the clear coat off, then I spray painted it. Worked good for me.
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yeah i used some random sand paper i found in the basement and scruffed it up and then i put like 3 coats of black and then like 4 coats of clear and it turned out pretty damn good
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yeah i was just painting mine , on my old squier, and i just used the krylon spray paint ,

sand a little , and paint..pretty simple , just make sure you dont do it outside in the wind cause i got a piece of newspaper stuck in it, and a ton of little leaves where on it when i came back to check on it...

but the untouched parts looked great =]
The best thing you can do is get a clear one and paint the underside of it.

The second best thing is to get one that is already the colour you want.

The third best thing is to paint it with Krylon Fusion.
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