Well, I've been playing guitar now for only a year, and I have a bud that is really a great guitar player and he has been telling me songs that I should learn because they have good technique practice. My goal is to learn Eruption from Van Halen by the end of the year, but he also added other songs most of it are Megadeth and Metallica songs. The thing is some of them I dislike and I don't have motivation to learn them but at the same time I feel like I'm hindering myself from important practice. some of them I enjoyed like Megadeth's Tornado of Souls, but the rest I don't really enjoy. I'm looking for metal songs that can really help technique but at the same time be really fun to play as well. It can be any type of metal and I'm open to suggestion. I would appreciate it if you can post a song or more that can really help my playing and maybe even a link if possible.

Thanks everyone for reading this and double thanks if you suggest anything
yo, learn a shredder song if you want technique, like steve vai or joe satriani. one of my favorites is paul gilberts "technical difficulties", or some black label society songs, they're simple, but in depth and fun to play. Pantera is also one of the most fun bands to play around with, the riffs are fun, and different than most stuff you see around, but what mongs do you enjoy listening to?
learn songs you want to learn technique will come with hours of practice with a metronome at a speed you can play it precissely at dont try to learn a song at full speed at forst because then youll learn the song the wa your playing it sloppy and your technique won't really improve at all.
so just learn songs at your own pace practicing it as precise as you can.