I need to do a visual representation kinda thing of a song for school... for example, my brother did 'Master of Puppets' and drew a heroin syringe controlling a guy with puppet strings on a poster. I've been looking at lyrics trying to get ideas for like 3 hours, haven't got anything... any help?

I have to explain the meaning of the song to the class, and the project has to be related to the meaning. Doesn't have to be a poster either, some people are using like jars or boxes to convey the meaning.
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I also have to explain the meaning of the song in class (We present the song & lyrics to the class).
you could get a folding poster board... and make the flaps big iron gates, then open up to a cemetery.
Time by Pink Floyd with a clock falling down a bottomless pit, or going into a trash can or something like that.
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Fizzy Lipton drinks by buckethead, draw a pot with bubbles floating out of it, and have a can knocked over beside it with some soup spilled out.

It's an instrumental, so you can make mean whatever you want.
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do racer x's blowin up the radio and draw a radio exploding plugged into a guitar

or bullet with butterfly wings draw a bullet with butterfly wings coming out of a gun and just flying into the sky
look at tool lyrics.or a perfect circle.their lyrics about dissent will be quite easy to represent
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Do Whole Lotta Rosie, and explain that it's about Bon Scott doing a groupie of heroic proportions.
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Ah, you want a song with meaning?


Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam.

It's about our the bad shit in society like greed, hate, war, violence etc.

Your representation could be the evolution of man pic, but you replace the Homo Sapien with a soldier.

You linked to Agalloch again . S'alright, I'll find it.