So I accidentally bought some ernesto palla black and silver strings for my acoustic guitar online. I say accidentally because the strings are not ball end, which my guitar requires. I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to still be able to use these strings with decent quality (like somehow attaching a ball end from my old strings or something)? I kind of doubt there is anything I could do, but I thought I'd ask.

This is a dumb question, but would it be as horrible for my guitar as I think it would be to use the ball less strings on my ibanez rg370dx electric guitar? I've heard some people say that you can get an interesting sound from using acoustic strings on an electric, but I also realize that in most cases this sound would most likely be the sound made by a dying guitar...
So they're classical strings? if it's not a tune o matic bridge than I'm sure you can string it in the classical fashion.

I'm not sure how it would sound. Probably interesting. Try it!

Nylons arent going to go through the pickup though.
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