Poll: How do you act at shows?
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Flat out smoke weed
9 7%
Flat out watch and listen.
74 59%
Flat out party
18 14%
Flat out stay outside and socialize
4 3%
Flat out mosh / throwdown pozerzzz
16 13%
Flat out something else that you'd should please state...
5 4%
Voters: 126.
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I've been to many shows in my time and I realized that there's a lot of kids who come alone, and stand in the corner and listen. There's some kids who just flat out party. There's some kids who just flat out smoke weed. There's some kids who just flat out have a lighter/cell phone in the air. There's some kids who are too cheap to go in, but just socialize outside the building. So that leaves me asking UG, what are you like when you go to shows?

Btw, I consider myself the kid who goes alone and just stares and listens...
I don't charge much...

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Depends what band I'm seeing. At RATM I was at the front line near the fences. When I saw Manu Chao I just stood a bit back and watched it. I wasn't alone btw if that was the question.

Make a "It varies" option.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
I smoke weed and either sit and listen or dance. I mainly go to Reggae shows you see, so there is hardly any pressure to do much except smoke herb.
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Fooking paaaaarty and watch it, luv it, fuk it.


Always right at the front. Given that I'm 5"10' and insanely skinny, I always get big mofos trying to crush me but they never can. I have a natural gift for staying up in mosh pits.

Occasionally I'll smoke some weed before going in though.
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i ****ing jump in the pit and have a great time
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Usually I party it up, but it depends on the music sometimes.

Oh, and stop using the term "flat out".
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It depends...when I saw Motley Crue I didn't smoke or drink anything.....I had third row seats and I just took in the moment. After I was sure I took in the moment I partied my ass off lol. But...idk....sometimes it's different. When I saw Tom Petty I just chilled and listed cause i had lawn seats. I was content with a contact high and and so much rock n' roll I couldn't hear for days.

It depends.....my aunt and uncle took me to both.....they let me do whatever i want

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i just mosh lol and listen
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Depends on the show.

Motley Crüe? Van Halen? I'll scream, throw the horns, etc.

Doc Watson, B.B. King? Not so much.
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Usually I party it up, but it depends on the music sometimes.

Oh, and stop using the term "flat out".

Flat out no!
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I just groove and listen. No moshing or anything for me. My idea of a good time at a concert is to actually watch and listen.
It depends how good the band is and how big the show is. If its me and about 10 other people the pits are small and tend to suck, but I'll still go ahead. If it's packed I'll be moshing all night.
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Depends on the concert. At Joe Satriani I was stoned out of my mind. At Nightwish/Sonata Arctica I had a few drinks. At Iron Maiden I was up close in the pit and in the tight area at the front just having a great time and enjoying the show.
I just watch and listen every concert, take in the music and just enjoy it...BUT last friday i saw AC/DC and i couldn't help but go insane the whole night, i was 9 nine from the stage and it was absolutely orgasmic
I sit down and listen.

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If its a band i like alot, Im at the front. i dont care how i get there. Im there. Ive seen Trivium Twice, and i was on the barrier dead center both times. And than if its a really heavy band i love GOTTA MOSH. =) Love ****in up them pit ninjas ^^
and if its a band like Gwar. Ya i kinda hide in the corner so my clothes dont get ****ed up. lol.
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depends on if it's a good pit or not.
if it's a big pit, i join in.
small one with like, 10 people, i just watch and listen.
Nightclubs I just stay outside in the smoking area and talk to my friends but sometimes I do go on my own and I just spend the entire night in the pit.
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.

I just kinda listen. Can't be bothered to mosh.

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Depends. Bang Camaro concert, I ****in go crazy. Satriani, I get into it but definitely listen intently.
am i one of the only few who thinks moshing is kinda...eh ****? ok maybe not **** but... a complete waste of time and money.

You spend money on tickets, sometimes, a lot of money, to go to a show and watch your favorite band play their music live in front of you, something you don't get to see. and you jump around flailing around like your having a seizure bumping into everybody. i just don't see the point.

I have seen Bleeding Through, BFMV, Blessthefall, Cancer Bats, D'aspairsray (sp?) (Japanese yet still Moshable) and a bunch more metalcore bands, and i still don't see the point of moshing...?
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it depends what sort of music it is. Id love to mosh to progressive metal, but i can't. Last last august i saw dream theater in concert and was paralyzed from the neck down from the amount of win that was entering my brain stem

if it's just like normal rockin music then i go wild

if it's a jazz concert i'll sit tentatively and enjoy the show

if it's regular metal or hardcore i mosh
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Bitches be Crazy.

I get up front and watch the band. It's what I paid for.

Mosh pits are stupid. I went to the show to see the band play music, not to run around in a circle and get punched in the face. I mean, if they're going to do that, couldn't they at least go to the back of the room and let the people who want to watch watch instead of getting right up front and center?

There's my 2 cents that no one asked for.
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I'll mosh just to let some steam out, but when the band I like comes out, I like to watch and listen. It's very hard to do this at metal shows though.
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I usually just dance around and sing a long.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
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I like to go to concerts to actually hear the music and have a good time with my friends, not making an idiot out of myself "Hardcore dancing".
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I'm usually watching and listening. I don't have anything against what other people are doing, i just prefer to take in the performance and so I don't really move around or doing any of that audience participation shit either. so i'm probably the type of audience member the performers really dislike

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