....and I thought I should ask you guys!

I was thinking...

If I were to buy a Vox AmPlug mini-amp I could plug it into my guitar and then plug my stereo system to the AmPlug with the AUX jack and then JAM THROUGH MY STEREO!

Do you guys think this will work? How does the AmPlug sound?

I think this would be a great way to practice around the house, providing it works and sounds half-way decent.
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It definitely should work. The AmPlug will put out essentially the same signal as an ipod would.

Not sure how they sound though.
It will work, and sound like crap, but it will work. I've done the same thing with my micro crush. It could sound worse.

Just use a 1/8 inch to rca cord and you'll be good, that's what I use to play itunes off my laptop into my stereo system.
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it should work, because i believe the output of a headphones amp is a line level, just like an iPod

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