Hey guys, i need to offload my guitar, barely use it. Recently i've had 2 offers for my guitar ( Gibson BFG).

Offer #1: Trade for a Hamer 1993 Studio Mahogany
Offer #2: Sell for 550USD

Opinions please!
I dont know about offer 1, but you could definitely sell it for more than $550.
I guess it all depends how bad you want to get rid of it. And why trade it for another guitar? Would you play the one you trade for?
Quote by grenade24
I dont know about offer 1, but you could definitely sell it for more than $550.
No offence to the OP, but it is only a BFG. The mid-90's Studios that everyone loves barely scratch $550 now. The BFG was never that popular to begin with, and especially now that Gibson's new prices have gone up, people are very quickly turning to other brands instead.

I think $550 is a pretty fair price, depending on how much it's been used. If it was only bought a week ago and is still untouched and sitting in it's hardcase with all the documentation and accessories, I'd say ask for $620, with the aim to compromise at $600. If you've had it a year or two, it's built up some buckle rash, maybe it has a scratch or two here and there, maybe you don't have all the original documentation, then I'd say $550 is a decent offer on it.

As far as the Hamer goes, their Standards are supposed to be decent, but I'm not sure on the Studio models, especially an older one. Give it a play, if it's in good condition and it feels and sounds good to you, then hey, great, go for it. If it doesn't feel right though or you don't have much use for it then of course, don't bother with it.

I will also point out, that a brand new Hamer solid body double cut Studio (usually just called the Studio, so I assume that's the guitar you're talking about) retails at an RRP of $3600. Of course, that's Hamer's recommended price, which is ludacris. They think a bit too highly of themselves and no store would ever sell a new one at even half of Hamer's RRP. The more popular P-90 version usually sells (used) for about $600. So, roughly the same value as your basic money offer. So neither offer is more 'worth it' than the other, they're both about equal value.

For what it's worth, I'd just plain sell it and take the money.
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of your interested in selling the gibson BFG for 550 tell me the details
im pretty interested and looking into the BFG's