So Ive researched and apparently itunes only reads MPEG4 and MP4 videos. I have download and converter helper. Converter helper converted videos to standard MPEG 4 videos but itunes wouldn't open them. So i changed it to MP4 but itunes only pops up but nothing happens. Now, i have no idea if its my converter or iTunes.

Here are the settings Ive tried converting with.

Output:MPEG 4

Output format:AVI
File Extension:MP4
Video Codec:mpeg4
Audio Codec:lipmp3****

it did't work so i thought it was because of the AVI format being the output(itunes doesnt read it). then i tried this

output format:mp4
video Codec:mpeg4
audio Coded:lipm3****

now is there something im doing wrong here? What settings do i need to change?

help would be appreciated.
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