I am some what of a guitar gear noob. I have learned what i know from brousing forums and such but i thought i would ask you guys some gear questions.

I recently bought a ESP/LTD MH-400 (has emg 81/85) and I love the guitar so much. My situation is way back I bought a Marshall AVT 50 and quite frankly the amps distortion is ass. I use a boss metal zone distortion pedal and I am pretty happy with the results for the most part with my tone.

I only do bedroom playing levels so from what I have learned here my 50 watt amp is alot more then what i need. I also have heard with active pickups a tube amp is a must. Is there a good amp out there that will give a sweet metal tone at lower volumes

Am I wasting the potential of my emgs with my current rig? I may add i noticed a huge differance in the quality of my sound when I upgraded my guitar from my cheap starter guitar.

May I add im a metalhead and love playing stuff like metallica, in flames, pantera...
What's your budget? Do you ever plan on playing in a band or gigging? Can you go used?
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hmm budget is prolly around 500. No i dont really play on gigging, i just like playing as a hobby. i would go used if the price were right
Hmm, maybe a 5150 combo, though it will be a bit loud for at home. A krank rev jr would be a pretty good choice if you could find one used or you stretched your budget a bit.

A cube 60 wouldn't be a bad choice either, though it's not a tube amp. Peavey vypyrs are recommended a lot for metal as well, they are also SS.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Yeah, but they have master volumes and should sound alright with the volumes turned down. Metal amps get most of their sound from the preamp so you don't necessarily have to crank them to get a good sound. They will sound better cranked a bit, but that doesn't mean they'll sound bad at low volumes.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
^ +1

also, is that 500 US dollars?
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