Yes, yes another beginner but, would you be so kind as to help? While I've lurked I've noticed quite a few have a boner for Agile. That being said, hows this for my first setup?

Vox DA5

Agile Al-2000

Insight or recommendations would be fantastic.
If you're like me and wanted to avoid starter kits that's pretty good. The agile seems like a nice choice for that pricerange, but it seems like you could have done a better job with that amp... Remember your amp is roughly 70-80% of you sound. I would opt for something a bit bigger, maybe a 15W? Also, make sure you try what you want before you get it (or at least something similar). On a more opinionated tip, I'd stay away from cheap amps that have loads of features. I played a Vox at my local store, but ended up getting something else because of all the unneeded effects. Other than that, it seems you have a pretty good selection there. Hope it goes well!
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