Hey guys, i just got a B-52 AT 100, and i'm wondering how i should hook my multi-effects pedal (RP350) up. When i was using my solid state Marshall MG100HDFX i ha guitar straight into the RP350 then that into the input on the head. but i'm not sure if i do that with this head or something else. Thanks!
Input on amp to left side of RP, right side of RP to guitar.

but really, please don't use a multi effects over a tube amp.
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well you could plug the guitar to pedal to amp OR you could also use the FX loop. Like this:
FX Loop Send > Pedal Input >pedal output > FX Loop return
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well, i've been using the pedal straight into the input, and i don't like how it sounds. I'll try into the FX loop..

Should i just sell the RP350, and make my own pedal board? lol