Whats up UG

We are a UK Rock/Metal band with progressive/experimental elements and melodic female vocals.
Yes this sort of thing may have been done before, but we feel we can create our own heavy yet unique style with this approach.

Our first demo is up to listen to here:



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Not strictly band stuff, but our singer has just recorded a cover of Lacuna Coil's 'Heaven's a Lie'

(done with a laptop cam and mic...but the quality isnt bad! Except for the crazy bird squawking in the background )

You can check that out here http://www.myspace.com/nymiravoice

If you like what you hear add us please!!

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I thought the song on there was pretty cool, I particularly liked how the guitar sound was almost like an industrial spring being twanged!

As for style, I didn't think that it sounded all that generic, and I don't even listen to metal so the nuances of individual groups and subgenres aren't obvious to me.
First reaction is that your singer is seriously gifted. Keep hold of her because she sounds fantastic. Heavy guitarage too. Plenty of crunch. Generic it is not and it's refreshing how unique your stuff is. It sounds like Cristina Scabbia singing for Black Sabbath using slipknot's guitar tone from their self titled album. Pretty cool, keep it up

If you're interested, my band's URL is in my sig. We've added you! Keep defending the faith.
You guys are great. Amazing singing. Amazing guitars. Amazing Singing (yes repetition intended).
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bloody good stuff. to be honest, i wasn't expecting much, due to the 'melodic female vocals line'...most people who try to do them can't. everyone in your band is good at what they do though.
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