Is there anything I should do for when I want to change tunings often? I try to play a lot of Nick Drake tunes, and his tunings are all over the place (BEBEBE, CGCFGE, etc.) Everytime I switch to these tunings, I can hear my strings creak a bit, and I start to wonder if I should stop tuning or not. Is there anything I can do to have a guitar suitable to play any (reasonable) tuning I want without the strings getting too loose/tight, and risk snapping them?

EDIT: Ok, that was little too "to the point." Basically, the creaking is just part of the way a guitar and the strings work, nothing to be worried about. Unfortunately, with changing tunings comes a greater string wear, and therefore more chances of a string breaking. I personally hate changing strings, but I love DADGAD, and Open G, which I use (collectively) about as much as standard. It is just the nature of the beast, so, I guess we all have to learn to live with it.
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The creaking is normal. Unavoidable too, for that matter. There's always a danger of snapping the strings. No way to get around that.
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Just go for it...i use open g, drop d, dadgad and dadadd all the time with no problem
My solution to this problem was to buy a few guitars, so I could leave each in the tuning that most showed off that particular guitars' ability. It's faster to switch guitars between sets.

Some guitars are just MADE for certain tunings.......in terms of their playability and sound.
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That tweaking of the strings could indicate you need some nut work. Sanding, raising, lowering, increasing the size of the string grooves, etc.

But as for going to different tunings, .......... no problem. I use 5 a day a lot of times. Just make sure not to get too much tighter than standard. That puts more stress on the bridge and neck. Tune down a Capo for tunings like open E, open A, etc.
Lubricate the nut slots and saddle to string contact points. Just a little dab of vasoline works wonders to reduce that creaking sound you hear. I personally use Big Bends Nut Sauce(weird name I know) every time I change strings, and get none of that creaking sound when tuning up or changing tunings. You can get it at musiciansfriend.com, but if you can't get that then the vasoline is a good alternative. Some people have recommended pencil graphite in the nut slots, but that makes the nut look rather ugly, and you don't really get enough in there to do much of anything. Big Bends is the best of both worlds, it's graphite mixed in with a vasoline type grease. Perfect.