I just got a new/used Jackson Kelly KE3 and I have a few questions about it.

1. The one I bought has the same Kelly look, however, almost every thing is different than the ones I played at my local music shop. Everything from the pickups down to the size of the frets is different. Did I some how get an older model?

2. It has a Floyd Rose tremolo system on it and the bridge seems very "tight”, but the one I played at the music shop was loose. How can I get it to be loose?

Thanks in advance to all who helps. I really appreciate it.
First off, what the hell does "new/used" mean? Second, the ones you played before were probably not KE3's. Here are a few of the different models:


There's a lot of different kelly's out there. The wikipedia link has the history of every kelly made and still in production.
Probably meant he just got it, and he bought it used.
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