so, I have this acoustic guitar which I really love, and want to play it standing up....
BUT, it does note have one of those screws taht guitars have to put a strap on
so my question is: i have a leftover screw that was left over when I replaced them for straplocks on my electric
so, can i screw one of those in to my acoustic to use it standing up??
will affect in any way if i do put it in?
whil it ruin my guitar??
it wont rip out, i put some in mine and it worked just fine. you could jsut take it to a shop and they would do it for prolly 5 bucks it takes maybe like 3mins.
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a good solution for this (headstock end) is a shoelace beneath the strings behind the nut. For the opposite end, I might want to scuff sand a TIIIINY part where you'd want your nut, get one of the plastic strap buttons, and epoxy it to that spot.

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