How to fake sick, Fever, Anything?
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you don't know how to fake a fever --.
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Poop on your own head? Then make an argument that you have a new butt forming out of your skull and must stay home from school that day.
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what are you going to do if you get to not go to school? stay home and fap for 8 houers?
Put a blow dryer on hot and put it on your forehead. after this cough a lot and sniffle. tell your parents you feel really cold too and sleep all day. Just make sure you AVOID taking your temperature.

It's easier to fake diarrhea, because all you have to do is pretend to go to the bathroom a lot.

-I am experienced in the faking sick field.
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Go to school or I will personally come to your house and shove a pineapple up your posterior.

Fixed for maximum damage.
Take a cold shower, do not dry off, go straight to bed, and wrap up tight in a warm blanket. 50% success rate.
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what are you going to do if you get to not go to school? stay home and fap for 8 houers?
it worked for bill gates and richard nixon!
I have no opinion on this matter.
the old thermometer in the toaster trick. Either that or just say that your sick and are staying home from school...why would they have a reason to be suspicious?
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the easiest way is to plan ahead. After you get home from school grab the blanket off your bed, take it and go to sleep on the couch. Make sure to put a bunch of used napkins and maybe an empty cup of tea on the stand next to you. Pretend to be asleep when they come in. This makes it seem like you were giving up your free time after school because you genuinely feel bad.

This has worked for me on many occasions
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Run the thermometer under hot water, mix the two cold/hot settings so that it ends up around 100 degrees, then show it to your mom. it works for me every time.