If I draw on my acoustic with a sharpie is it gonna stay on, or should I sand it down then draw, then refinish?
it will stay on fine. i drew on my friends guitar
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I'd think it would scratch off slowly since you have a finish on your guitar and it wont soak into it really... I know there are people that use those "Painter Markers" and then put a coat of finish or gloss or something on top to protect their artwork. Mike Shinoda is one that comes to mind...

Drew Brophy also does it apparently. You can see him putting on a coat at the end, no idea what he uses though.
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Eventually it will rub off.

well, depending on where he puts it, it may or may not. hell, you can still see the sharpie on my old work nametag and while it's faded, it's gone through the wash at least 2, maybe three times...