Fantastic and intense progressive melodeath that fans of Opeth, Edge of Sanity, Dark Tranquillity, etc. should love. 'Back to Times of Splendor' is a beast of an album, and any respectable proghead owes it to himself to get this. Listen to all of And The Mirror Cracked (avoid anything from the album 'Gloria') and be amazed.


I remember hearing a couple songs from Gloria after seeing them on Metal Blade and was not impressed. I had no idea they had a more melo-death side on their older stuff, "And The Mirror Cracked" is sounding great so far.
I love BtToS, and I think that Gloria is a good album, just a totally different direction. I have no idea what they will do on their next album... I would obviously prefer something like BtToS again but they don't seem like a band that would repeat themselves.
Back to Times of Splendor is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic and anyone who thinks otherwise can go get fucked by a herpes-ridden goat.