I need some computer speakers.

Anything under 200 dollars should do.

Doesn't have to be super loud, just good range and sound quality.

Whats does the pit have?
I use a pair of Logitech Z20 notebook speakers with my laptop. Awesome sound.

If you have a desktop I wouldn't recommend them (one of their best qualities is portability) but I would advise checking out Logitech speakers. Great stuff.
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If you can find them, I'd HIGHLY recommend some Guillemot Maxi Booster 640. They're loud as hell, but have incredible quality and sound range. These things have been out for years, but I'm not entirely sure if they're still producing them..Nonetheless, if you find some, get them, without hesitation. Unless one's broken.
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what kind of format you lookin at? 2.0, 2.1, beyond?

School me. Because i have no idea.
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School me. Because i have no idea.

2.0 is just two stereo speakers, 2.1 is that plus a sub. you also have 5.1 and 7.1 options if your sound card supports it.
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