Okay my band is going to be the house band for my school's beauty padgent, our theme for the band is kinda like a 60s band, meaning brit invasion style esc.
Any way We are covering the following songs

Steady As She Goes-Raconteurs
Twist and shout- Beatles
Be my baby- Ronettes
Brown eyed girl- Van Morrison
Louie Louie-Kingsmen
Cherry Bomb- John melancamp
American girl-Tom petty
Heart full of soul-The yardbirds
As long as i can see the light-CCR

Any ideas on some other appropriate tunes? What do you think about the set list?
We need prolly 3 more.
If love was money I could afford you honey.

Bandalism [Ban-dil-i-zem] n.: the willful or malicious destruction of, or damage to, the fabric of a rock/pop/indie/metal group brought about by one or more of its members.