I have this red yamaha guitar from the 80s but it has no name or nothing to identify it and wanted to know if any of you have seen it or know something about it.

It looks kinda like a les paul, it has the 3 way switch, 2 volume and tone controls, a black pickguard and 2 pickups, its sounds as if the lead pickup was in the bridge and the rythm one in the neck but im not sure about it, it has some problems with the pickup switch, aside from that it sounds great and everything works fine. I have two of them, one with no pickguard and some other problems in he switches and controls.




So if anybody knows something about this guitar, year, model, specs, anything, please tell me, thanks.
Tha's an oddball for sure...I suggest you start looking at websites with vintage Yamahas...you'll find another one sooner or later.

And BTW, the first 3 strings are on the posts backwards. On 3+3 headstocks, the strings should alway wrap so they come off the INSIDE of the posts.
just fixed the strings , i cant find anything about it, it must be really old since my grandpa bought it, dunno where the hell did he get it either..