Hey guys, I got a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS sound card in a pretty quick computer. I also have an ART tube preamp that im running into the soundcards line in. Im trying to run a Shure SM57 for pure acoustic guitar recording. Will I be able to get good quality using this method? Or is the 1/8th cable going into the audigy sound card bottlenecking my setup?
Its not an ideal setup but it should work fairly well IMO.
If you don't like how it comes out, sell the preamp and go buy yourself an audio interface.
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Soundblaster is good for playing back music, gaming, not really made for recording. Im not going to say it wont work but I'd look into buying an interface. My setup is SM-57, Art Tube Preamp, Inspire 1394 and it treats me good.
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Sure. It'll work just fine for basic stuff. When you start adding in VST plugins and multiple tracks at once, consider a higher end soundcard (Emu and M Audio pretty much dominate the consumer market).
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