DADGAD - Dmin (use the low D as a drone note until tapping and harmonic riffs)

- intro ... use slap style palm muting for percussive effect...

in this room with imperfect edges i sit alone and twisted
baring my soul to the lines in between the melodies
wrapped around each other we are finally one
and on the waves we are forever in harmony

--enter body slaps and tapping riffs w/ harmonics ...try to avoid sounding like a hateful newton faulkner --

theres a magic in the music of memory
and grace in the symphonies of my regret
but locked in the lips of this sweet obsession
the embrace of solitude begins to breathe the day

--musical break (...tremolo riffs...perhaps consider revising to include a short key change/ return? or just improvise...)-

--just play percussion-- ( why? because slapping the guitar is fun...unless your wearing your rings, then do some tapping)

but i'm drowning in the notes that shake this man
the angels speak saying nothing at all
and in the arms of my mania i care not for them
nor for the tortured dreams i am forced to endure

--droning note + body slaps (bite the damn thing if you want, she'll love it)--

fevered dreams singing on the edge of madness
the faces of the lonely like me sing every word
and we lay together on broken beds every night
our hearts rise and fall in intervals written on the wall

--musical break then repeat first verse--

Yeah anyway, not much to say about it, those are the lyrics and the notes i have written down for the music
I really like it. I'm a fan of lyrics that that don't outright say what they mean, and that's a pretty solid example. Good stuff.

As for the music, I'm not sure. I'd have to hear it lol.

Good job, consider looking at mine.

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