Well, ive got a start on a Guitar Pro tab for the theme, going off of Shine by Alcorus (which is not the song, he just quoted the piano line and made an awesome song out of it). The actual song is called "Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky, and I cant even seem to find the instrumental anywhere, which is what they used in the game.

If anyone wants to help me out, pretty much everything but the main melody has problems, though I actually think I did a pretty good job.

gp5 is attatched, have fun
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You can download the instrumental they use in the Game off of the PS3 store, Idk about Xbox Live though. I can probably email it to myself then I'll post ya something.
I'm really no good at tabbing so sadly that's all I can do for ya lol.

It appears that your link is busted. Or you uploaded something wrong, it keeps telling me it's impossible to load the file
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