I used to have like 100 songs on my iPod all the time. If I got new songs, I'd erase the ones i don't listen to anymore. People look at my ipod and say "Waah? only 100 songs?" Nowadays, I'm downloading like crazy in genres of music I listen to. I like the songs, but I absolutely have no clue what the title of the song playing anymore. Getting pretty confusing and sucks not knowing lyrics to all of them.

So when you have +1000 songs, do you know all of them? Do you know the song's name after hearing just like 10 secs or so of the intro? Can you sing along to most of them(know the lyrics)? Or do you listen just because it's music and don't really care?
Well yeah if ive listened to it enough I can still sing the lyrics I still remember all the lyrics off of appetite for destruction and I havent listened to that in months, although it is my favorite album, but anyway I dont usually remember the song unless ive heard it more then once and yeah at work im usually the one that names the song 10 seconds in to win the radio station contest.
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I recognize any song on my ipod within about 3 seconds... It's called not having brain damage

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Yeah actually.
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i do the same thing you used to do, TS.
except i keep it at 800 songs
Except for new stuff and stuff I haven't listened to over and over (I actually do this quite a lot), yeah, I can recognize most songs. It gets harder with the more music I get, but I'm good for the most part. My 80GB iPod is almost full now though.
I have a bunch of music on my ipod, about 4k songs. I have even more on my computer, but I don't usually listen to them on the go. There have been many times where a song comes on and I say "who the hell does this song?". I can rarely tell the you title of the song, but I usually know who the band/composer is, and what album it is off of.
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I can't remember the majority of the song titles in my music library, even for my favorite artists. I can sing along and stuff though... just can't name them.
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I have 3000+ songs on my computer, and I'd say about most of it is stuff I'm pretty familiar with.

You really only need to listen to an album a couple times to get at least some sense of what it's all about and recognize it when you hear it.

As for knowing the titles, well... I don't really see how that's a big deal.