I just want to talk to you
Let us think this through
This is between us two
Il love you through and through

Lets take this slow
I don’t want to know
Where I’l See you go
When you leave me

Sounds good? Yay or nay?
Ok I have an issue with the rhyming. I like the second part of it, how the rhymes go AAAB if you know what I mean. The first part's a bit overdone- I'd suggest changing the 'I'll love you through and through' line, so it's more like the second part. But that's just me.
Ya, im thinking of changing the last line in the first one to

"This is my final plea"

And check out my other post too, even if it is a piece in the works :P
reported for title, in case you were wondering.

There's a thread in the techniques sub-forum that you can post this in, called the "is this worth developing?" thread. Post it there.
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