hey UG,
I noticed a little problem.. my strings don't really line up with the pickup pole pieces.. would this matter because its only really the bucker that the string significantly doesn't line up with
meh, im not sure, a lot of guitars ive seen have this, but yours is more noticeable than others ive seen. you might as well not worry about it, because theres no real way to fix it that im aware of
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actully.. I thinking it might be the bridge because the pivot screws are a little bent because I tried to fill the holes once since the thread was almost striped. could that be it?
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mm don't think that would work..
PS it kinda does look like the bridge is more towards one side than the other is that normal?
Is the humbucker F-shaped/trembucker version or regular spaced? If you use a regular spaced humbucker with a Floyd Rose or Fender bridge, the high e string is on the outside of the pole and not inside like yours.

So maybe you needed a regular spaced humbucker? Just guessing here
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^^ Picture above the pole pieces are lined up perfectly. Its just the guitar is on an angle so it appears they aren't. I don't know why yours is like that just by looking at your picture, if I were you I'd take it to a tech who isn't lazy and see what he says cause I'm sure some will say "naa its fine kid don't worry about it"
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
mm I think it was the screws.... also one other question.. does it matter if the screws go in really loosely? its not stripped or anything
Big deal. They don't on my bucker' guitar, it sounds great, it should be fine. I actually purposely unaligned the neck pickup after hearing the unaligned bridge pickup, gives it a slightly different sound, which I like.

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It's hard to tell from your picture because it's not taken straight on with the humbucker pickup, but it appears at first glance that it's the humbucker pickup that is misaligned, not the strings.... Just a though....
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