Hi guys,

I did a search but turned nothing up so sorry if this is a repeated question.

When it comes to learning songs is it better to take one song and learn it exclusively until you've got it nailed before moving on to the next one or would you recommend having a few songs on the go at one time?

From one perspective tackling one song at a time means you're probably going to get it down pat quicker but on the flip side playing the same song over and over and over again with no variety could get a little monotonous.

The alternative, to Learned 3 or 4 songs at the same time would give greater variety in practice, allow me to practice a wider range of techniques and would definately keep things interesting

So is it generally better to knuckle down and really concentrate on perfecting one song or mixing it up and learning a few?
I'd say perfect the song, but do one that challenges you, then go on to another song when you perfected it, it should improve your playing a lot.

It's like AMEB exams, you play the same 3 pieces for one year but your playing improves considerably
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Thanks guys,

I've decided to try and tackle 2 songs at once, I think that 2 at a time will allow me to focus enough on the songs that I actaully progress while giving me a little bit of variety in my practice.

Going well so far =)
its all personal preference. i have 4 songs on the go
afterlife- avenged sevenfold
beast and the harlot- avenged sevenfold
M.I.A.- avenged sevenfold
walk- pantera

i also work on some arpeggios and stuff too
I like to have about three songs and alternate practice. Then after a few months, concentrate on one song. But that's just me.
There is probably a "right" way, but my suggestion is to do it whichever way keeps you playing. Playing only one song for X days, weeks or months might get tedious and make you enjoy playing less and less. If you enjoy playing less you might stop.
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i go for two songs at once.

one tip I'd give you is to try and learn something challenging for one of the songs - I find it helps me improve quicker.