I'm going to buy a new guitar. My first electric guitar.
I live in Israel,
The store next to my house sells a Mexican Fender Stratocaster in 1,690Nis.
It's good. But i got only 2,400 Nis.
And i still need a good amp.
They sell the Marshall MG10 in 690Nis; the Marshall MG15 is 850Nis +/- It also means i'll have to get some extra money.
The store is next to my house. And I know that i can go to Haifa to buy a Frontman 15R which is cheaper, But i don't know if it's better or not.
So What should i do?
stay away from both of those, and find a roland microcube or peavey vypyr 15
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Can't you find a store that ships to Israel?
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As much as the MG's are hated here, the low watt ones aren't bad as low volume practice amps, there are better but if you're limited to certain brands its ok as long as you don't turn it up too loud.
^ pretty much.

certainly, i'd try to find a roland microcube, vox da5, maybe a peavey vypyr (haven't tried that yet), as i'd vastly prefer any of those to an MG, and based on prices here in the UK, they should be a similar price to those marshalls, if you can find them.

but an MG would be better than no amp at all. the frontman is likely to be much the same as the MG, better than no amp, but that's about it.
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