I've been playing acoustic for about a year now and I'm looking into buying an electric. I've been looking around local shops and eBay for a guitar that I like. I'm willing to spend around $500, which I think you can get a pretty decent low end guitar second hand for around this price. I don't really have one particular style I play so I'm really looking for an all-rounder.

I have narrowed it down to a few choices.

Epiphone LP-100 - Which is currently selling for $360

Ibanez RG170 DX - Selling for $330

Epiphone LP-Special 2 - $250

Which would be best for what I'm looking for? Any other suggestions?

Currently a no name amp, 15W, <$100. I got it off a friend for free and have never had an electric to play. I don't play anything in particular, so I'm looking for a guitar that will be good for a range of styles. I also have a Zoom G1 effects pedal from that same friend. I'm kind of the recycling bin..
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lol recycling bin.

i say get the lp 100. its was my first electric, and it sounds pretty good. ive knocked the s*** out of it, had it flying through the air when the strap locks came out during an guitar spin, but it still works =]