Well, this is my first post, I guess, but I ain't a newbie. Just a now-non-but-former-lurker.

This is my recent exploration into musicality. It is a culmination of all the insane musical ideas brewin' up in my mind, and I think it turned out not half bad.

You will probably notice that this piece is much less guitar-based than most (basically all) other things posted here, but that doesn't stop it from being highly technical in it's own respect, and the guitar parts that are in it are pretty crazy, in my opinion.

This was first done on Sibelius, then exported to MIDI and put into GP, so the fingerings may not be optimal (that is if you feel you are able to play the guitar parts :P), and some parts might not be completely right (I think I fixed the majority of them, but I do know that the strings cut out at the end before they should.

Well anyway, feel free to enjoy and comment if you want. Any feedback is and will be appreciated. C4C, of course.
hey man, thanks for the crit!

This song is superb! Could be the song to the sexiest tetris session ever haha. I love to see people break the mould and do something different. I love the synth and string arrangements in this as well. They are perfect. The guitar is nuts, doubtfully playable by average joe's. unless you happen to be a joe satriani, haha.

I love the different moods you take on this one. It'll go from chaotic, sweeping arpeggios to subtle bass to piano and strings. great great great. this tune held my interest til the end.

I know im not really being very constructive on this crit, but really theres nothing i can gripe about too much, aside from maybe the weird tremolo drumming in the first few bars, haha.

I really liked the part with just the flute and strings too. very relaxing and fits in well with this winter day that im experiencing.

Excellent job, man. ill give this one a 9.5/10. it should get a 10 but some of the parts seemed inconsistent. Killer song tho.

maybe you can check out this one? its in a little more of an experimental vein..heavy..but experimental. it would be much appreciated!
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This was way too random for me to enjoy. Being random it meant some parts were amazing and some parts we just awful. It has no flow and this ruins the best parts of the song. If you were trying for an all-over the place kind of thing then you succeeded, but it drastically takes away from the enjoyability,listening value, and replay value of the song. I've always enjoy classical music for that massive build-ups and falls, which your piece is drastically lacking. The song had no flow, this could be either good or bad to you, to me it was bad. Early sections had no atmosphere.

On to the good: Anything before the electric guitar came in was lame. Once the guitar came it the piece seemed to stabilize a bit. The outro was by far the best part, it actually had atmosphere. The drums and bass were very cool but only on occasion.

You have talent, and good ideas writing this kind of music, next time just use less of them.

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On the whole this actually enjoyable. There really isn't any small things to crit here, because that would pointless as it is the whole that matters. The one thing that keeps this from becoming a great piece is the lack of flow - there's nothing to connect the pieces together, no theme or sense of unity. You could divide this song into two or three songs as it is and have the individual pieces sound decent on their own. This is due in part by some really bad transitions, some wince-worthy. It should be obvious which ones those are.

The piano sections were nice, though.