Im having trouble getting a good tone from this....

I use an Ibanez SRX590 and go through an ABM 410T cab.

Im looking for a tone similar too Cannibal Corpse/All shall perish/Pantera. Something punchy but thats gonna cut through. I can get a good tone at low volume but need to get it as loud as poss within my band.

So any settings you guys could help me out with would be great!
Ive noticed if i boosted my low mids, it gives me much more punch but do it sparely because i find that they are very touchy and takes time to dial them in.
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First of all, set the input level properly. To do this, turn the output level to 0, then play with the regular settings on your bass and turn the input level up untill when you play your hardest notes, the needle bounces close to the red area on the VU meter. Now turn it down a little. Remember this position, you need it to get the best out your amp! When you want to adjust you volume, just use the output level knob.

Mids are the way to go if you want punch. If you want growl, focus on the low mids. If you want more bite, add some trebble.

IIRC ABM's have compression, use it! Since i've been using compression, my sound is much better. It lets you really attack the strings to get the harsh attack while keeping the levels relatively similar. Compression will help tighten up your lower end and add definition which really helps on fast runs. Remember that it is a subtle effect so dont expect miracles.

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Quote by BzaEBD
Low mids are the sliders to the left of the mid knob ?

yes, i find that i keep the shape button in, boost the mids to about 2-3 o'clock, bass to about 2 o'clock, and highs all the way i can get the pantera tone, i play with my fingers, add so if u use a pick you might find that too trebley, add a little more bass to your taste. use the sliders to ur preference as well.

I find that you have to keep adjusting ur input volume as you fiddle with the EQ, cos the EQ changes the volume as well. if u want the pantera tone, add some of the drive and octavera s well, gives a nice growlly drive.