If I bought a fat strat and kept the single coil pickups but wanted a humbucker to sound like Metallica is there an emg or Seymour duncan(I heard they had a good metal sound) that would fit or would there be a problem with the active/inactive thing. I dont know a whole lot about this stuff so if there would be a problem what kind of pickup can you suggest?
Seymour Duncan JB. It's passive, but it does the job well.

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What amp and OD/distortion pedal have you got?

I would also go with a JB I've got one in my schecter and its very versatile.
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Seymour Duncan JB. It's passive, but it does the job well.

+1, it's the regular answer.

Edit : Yup what amp do you have? You only have your guitar in your profile.
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The jb is bright, and in a bright guitar like a fat strat, it will sound to bright. I would go with something like an sh-5, it's perfect for metal, and not to bright in strats.

And yeah what amp do you have, that defines your tone the most.

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I dont have a very good amp but I might get my brothers old one which is a crate v-50 along with that I have a boss distortion/overdrive od-2. Thanks for the help guys!