Making this more based off a shred/metal guitar aka ltd mh 400

And this more like a fender.

I mean i have bought and agile before but these i haven't
both guitars are made out of alder so any opinions on that ?
Also isn't fender strats made out of alder?

Any pickup suggestions as well ?
My amp for now is a crate but probably will be switched to a vj
with a bunch of pedals.
you do know that both of those aren't agile right?
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You can make most guitars better but is it worth the cost. The Douglas IMHO is the better of the two and with a pup swap and a set of better tuners would probably be as much as you could do to it. Now, your talking a couple hundred bucks and change, so figure you would have to spend $500.00 all together guitar and parts. IMHO you would be better off getting an Ibanez or any other $500.00 guitar. I like the specs on the Douglas and would try it out. I just got a similar Douglas and I love it the more I play it the more I realize it's a good guitar as is.