Alright guys, in the course of about 5 hours I was able to figure out lining in my guitar (and mic/keyboard) and decided to make a song. I actually am using a BOSS-ME30 to line in all the instruments (yes, a guitar pedal actually worked to line in all the instruments; maybe it is just me but I was surprised by this) that I stole from my father for the evening at a friends house.

Anyways, this song is unfinished. I intend to lay down a drum track probably next week. Some of the riffs need to be tightened extensively and others need to be lost entirely. That said, take this with a grain of salt. I will comment other works if you give me a good comment/critique. Oh, and the lyrics are **** because I couldn't think of anything to yell so I just decided to yell a 2 year old poem that I wrote about Satan and stuff. hah. The lyrics are not serious, by any means.

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I like it alot
Its cool
i like the guitar and the lyrics hope u get it finished!
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Haha the intro is sweet , if a little cliche'd. Totally unexpected. Some of the guitar after that is rough. It doesn't sound totally in time. The vocals are cool but far too loud. The synth is also nice. This is a good start. The finished product seems like it could be epic. Work on the timing though, the solo and rhythm are kind of sketchy at times and its that inconsistency that really hurts this demo.

I'm listening to it some more and seriously, I know I said this twice but really work on the rhythm. Its by far the weakest part.

Great start though, I really like it.
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I actually appreciate these responses. Generally on here I just get flamed, but perhaps that was because all my previous recordings were really bad quality. haha.

My actual intention at the time was to just get something out, and then later rework it. I would actually like to make this a bit longer, with better lyrics, and a slow section. Not to mention, add an acoustic in there. I did not have my acoustic with me where I was doing this so I solely relied on the clean effects on the pedal (which were okay in and of themselves).

To add, I know the guitar was not in time actually. haha. After the first all clean chord section I ceased to use the click track I was working with (laziness in composition, period). My big problem with recording has always been laying down a rhythm and then being able to sing properly over it.
I can't really understand the vocals, but they sound brutal and that's all that matters =p. I didn't really have the feeling that the different instruments and vocals were unified, the lead and rhythm seemed to be doing their own thing indifferent of the other track. I thought the intro was pretty neat with the thunder. I love listening to atonal/dissonant riffs but, you might want to add in some more harmonious riffs because it can be a little harsh on the ear otherwise. Overall, pretty damn brutal =D.

When it comes to rhythm/drum tracks i'm far from being an expert, but what you can do is record the rough vocals you want first, then try to match a rhythm track to it. then you can just re-record the guitars/whatever other instrument over the new rhythm (or alternatively, record rough guitar parts you want, match a drumtrack to it and re-record). I have this problem a lot too. Being a guitarist and not a percussionist, I often don't feel an inherent drum rhythm, so I often lay down a rough articulation of what it is I want out of my guitar track and then I try my best to match a drumtrack in the appropriate time signature/tempo. It's a lot faster to have the rough guitar part pre-recorded because when you do this, you can put down your guitar and focus on the rhythm.

If all of that sounds tedious (which it can be, at least for me), I have been hearing a lot about some product called EZDrummer, and the loops/samples seem pretty damned realistic.
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Well, first of all, I personally wasn't a fan of your guitar tones. The lead was very tinny, turn the treble down some, put some reverb on (but don't overdo it) anything to make it less piercing. Also, it wasn't very interesting and didn't really stay in key at all with what the rhythm was playing.

I feel like this could be really cool with drums and full instrumentation to give it a pulse and vary the structure a lot.
The song sounded better when it was just rhythm and vocals in my opinion. I won't really crit the vocals since it's not my style, but i certainly didn't find anything wrong with them.

overall, this could be pretty good if you gave the lead more thought and worked out an arrangement for it with drums, maybe strings, whatever you like.

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The tone is somewhat limited due to the pedal I am using. It really has crappy metal tones. I'd have to mess with it some more.

As far as drums I actually have a friend who will end up doing them for me considering he is alot more knowledgable about them.

Thanks for the comments.
Very sweet song man.

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The clean tone was pretty dull. It would have sounded better on acoustic.
There was no rhythm, you should listen to a metronome or a drum track when you're recording.
Other then that, it was pretty cool, nice ambience.
The guitar tone is horrible, mostly because it's line it, but that is alright.

Vocals sound like you aren't growling as much as using a distortion pedal of some kind? Is this the case? If not, you're wayyyy too close to your mic. From what I can hear, the vocals are pretty decent. With some proper recording they'd be pretty brutal. The idea of growling over cleans is kind of cool, though. The lead guitar is off-key and kind of random throughout. I like the feel overall, the tempo change right at the end was a bit odd.

It's interesting, but the recording quality is ass. The vocals are hard to judge because they're so distorted, but they seem like they could be pretty good with proper recording. (Did you use a distortion?)

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