You don't want to know, unless you are willing to spend 5g's and beyond i think you have to call/email them
you go to a back alley organ donor and see how much you can get for your kidnies, spleen, lungs and heart and multiply that by 2. Also, if you go to a butcher and have him weigh your arm and your leg, about $200 a pound. Or your first born son. Just depends on what you don't want as much.

Forgot to mention, though. About 6 years ago GC carried these (not sure if they still do) and I played around on the 7 string. I have never played/heard a better bass of that style... honestly. The action was sweet, the thing growls, thumped and popped WHENEVER you wanted it to, and the bass was just beautiful. IIRC, it was about $3500.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.
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