Do you folks just use Microsoft Word, Open Office, or some other word processing program to write your lyrics, or is there a particular program that makes it easier to organize and compose the lyrics? The reason I am asking, is because I am starting work on a concept album, and I find it a bit hard to keep everything in order using Microsoft Word. Preferably for Mac OS X. Thanks.
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So as not to sound like a twat, what I mean is that if you compose in manuscript you can cross out, scribble, rearrange in an organic manner to your heart's content, then when you come to type it up you'll be able to do it in an ordered way straight off the cuff into Open Office or whatever, so you won't need any special programme.
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i havea mac too, but i think that it's best if you write lyrics down by hand. it's mroe personal, and you can cross things out more easily, and move things around.
I use MS Notepad or handwriting.
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