Sorry i know its a Long read.. and i can also assure that even though it may come across this way.. I am NOT some **** emo kid looking for sympathy.

Back in august of this year i started to look at things in a more possitive light. I wont deny the fact that this was mainly due to the fact that i thought i finaly found a decent girl with whom i could have a good relationship with. That didnt go as planned.. a big turn around which wasnt by any means what i was expecting. She decided to agree to go out with me and then before anything happened, she came back from holiday and announced that shes actualy in a relationship with someone for over 2 years. I eventualy found out it was true and actualy saw the guy once, who looked like a complete moron (yeh i know not my place to judge blabla) Anyway that situation was a "new" catylyst for a new very low mood.. a mood and feeling i hate having and hate living with. Im probably the type of person who finds it hard to look at the possitives in their life and often magnify the negatives.

Now the chick went off to uni so i havnt seen her since october.. I guess that helped in a way, but i still feel im not 100% over it. I actually really want to just get over this than wait around for some sort of turning point (which wont probably happen).

Now ive got a Work Xmas party coming up.. Its where i work part time, whilst studying... The problem with this is, the girl ive mentioned before will most likely be there. Nothings 100% confirmed and its still over a month away. However being as its been hard to deal with this whole situation, im literaly scared of this completly screwing with my mind.

I seriously dont know whether i should attend this or not. I constantly hope for "good" turn arounds in life but everything seems to backfire. I absoloutely HATE feeling the way i am now.. I felt like this towards the end of last year though it wasnt as bad.. and was really hoping for things to change for the better.... be more happy about life etc.. Now nearly a year on, ive experienced some highs and lows but personaly the lows really outweigh the highs for me..

I know im young with many more experiences ahead of me, but being as i experienced a lot as a young adult i really thought that during these last few years, things would be a little easier for once.

Any advice / contribution to this would be greatly appreciated. Im tired of having to constantly fight for things.. go about things the hard way.. I see people who seem to get what they want from life handed to them on a golden plate.. and that really angers me.
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