Has anyone got any tips for improving vibrato on the low strings, I know to practice practice practice but it doesn't really seem to be improving much. I like my vibrato on the high strings in the higher registers but the further down the neck (toward the nut) i go the weaker my vibrato gets. It's like I can't use the same kind of hand position as the hand and wrist are at a different angle. Anyone else experience this and has any advice?

Pull down on the desired string (towards the high e string) with your middle finger back and forth.
Thats what I tend to do.
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I used to have this problem. Instead of doing a vibrato on the top of the string, kinda pull it away from you.
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yes, the e and a i bend downwards, bends and vibrado. also try wrapping your thumb a bit more over the top of the neck on those strings.
Besides what's been mentioned, just slow down your vibrato and concentrate on the bends of it.
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