the nick guy has the same guitar as me, diffrent colour. you guys got like a RAGE feel to your tunes.
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difficult really, like linkin park cross motley crue. don't know if thats the description or sound you're looking for but i like it, it works.

if i was to 'categorize' your band i'd have to put it into the 'rapcore' genre.

It's not bad but...
I just don't know about the guitars, I think they sometimes sound sloppy (sorry if you're the guitarist, which you ppb are being on UG xD). If you wanna get big (which you ppb do) then you should rlly work on that, feel the music a bit more
An example of what I mean is "Can't Let Go" around 25 seconds and further . I think the chords should be held a bit longer, play more calm.
Also I didn't rlly like the male and female voice together in that song. The female singing is rlly good on that and the male kinda destroyed (way too big word but meh) it those parts for me.

Though don't think that all those comments are just to break you guys down, overall it's pretty ok

EDIT: and yea, for genre I'd say it depends on the song. Chemical Bleedout sounds a lot like early Linkin Park, where Can't Let Go sounds like a song to be on a racecar videogame (Burnout maybe xD)
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Oh you're good.
I really like what you guys are doing here. It is very rare for me to click on a myspace page and go " The vocalist is actually decent". The leads are very hardcore based but with that punk rock rhythm it worked out. A couple of the leads sounded like they had a sour note or two, but overall I really liked the stuff with the guy!
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Very Rage'ish. Guitars can get a little sloppy, but nothing too bad.

I think the singer is what kind of bugs me a bit. I don't really believe anything he's saying, there's not much feeling behind it and I don't really think the style suits the voice. Sounds like he's going for a sound that isn't his.

Sorry, not trying to flame.
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wait... fargo is a real place? did you like the film?

yeah its real lol and no, i didn't really like the movie, most people around here don't. we don't really talk like that XP

and thanks to all the replies, i think we'll go with rapcore.