Hi Gang, anyone have anything to say about any of the "cheaper" Paul reed smith" electrics? I am thinking about getting one with"single coil" pick ups because I am in the market for one. I am thinking about getting a "MIRA" even though that is a lot of bank . I am also looking at a SE. Any advise? I want something a bit different from a Strat
problem with the SEs i've tried is that some have been good while others have been terrible.

haven't tried the mira yet, but it's meant to be pretty good- it's made in the USA like the more expensive PRSes. It has humbuckers, though.

what's your budget and what country are you in?
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I play on a PRS SE Tremonti (Les Paul body style) and I think it's pretty good. I haven't really played that many guitars and I'm still a beginner really, but the action is pretty low and comfortable on this PRS, neck seems to be well made. It stays in tune extremely well, the tuners appear to be made of good materials. Not sure what to say about the humbucker pickups because like I said, I don't have experience with too many guitars. I can tell it's definitely more suited to "rock" than my Strat. The only thing I don't like it about it is the shape of the neck (like the back part where you put rest your fretting hang thumb). I prefer the neck on my Stratocaster, but that's just a preference thing I suppose. I'm also not too big of a fan of the headstock on the PRS SE's.

A buddy of mine has a PRS Soapbar, the one with the P90 singlecoil pickups. I saw him playing it live yesterday and I thought it sounded good for the music he was playing (blues, 70s rock, that kinda thing). Then again a lot of tone comes from his amp and how good he is, but the guitar seemed to suit the music very well. I'm pretty sure he's pleased with it by the way, he's played for a few years now.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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