Hey everyone,

Sort of new to these Forums and I just wanted to ask for some advice. I've been playing the Guitar for a few Years, however I find it hard to get into a groove. I have stubby fingers and most the tiem my wrists/hands are hurt from hockey. I would love to be able to just shred it out and just play guitar flawlessly (nothing insane). So thats just a little about me.

My question

What should I be doing to get better? I know practice makes perfect but what exactly should I be doing? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot!
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basically you just need to concentrate on what you're doing. make sure everything you play is clean and smooth. if it isn't then slow it down until you can play it like that. a lot of people including myself sometimes, just want to pick up a guitar and just start tearing it up but it doesnt work like that. you need to put in a lot of time and effort to get really good. but one thing to never lose sight of is that you have to have fun. if playing guitar isn't fun you probably shouldnt be playing it.
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