So I've been playing for roughly 11 months now and I feel like I'm hitting a bit of a rut in terms of solos. I'm into mostly Blues/Rock. What are some techniques out there that I should be trying to incorporate into solos?

Something I've also been trying to improve on is working solos up the neck(towards the nut) Say for example I start a solo on the A on the low E string. I know 2 ways to get to higher octaves but getting to lower sounds than that A on the Low E have been giving me trouble.

Really I am looking for any tips/suggestions on how to broaden my soloing thanks
Practice. scales and technique. Read the techniques sticky, tons of great tips for you there!
Hey, I guess I'm retarded cuz I can't find this techniques sticky. Can you link me to it or at least tell me where it is on the site thanks
combine scales and pratice modes

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I learned from watching vids of people soloing (and yes, I see the euphemism :P) once you have a basic understanding of scales it shouldn't be too hard to see what they're doing.
I've tried watching vids of people soloing. Tried to watch a Jimi dvd and my head exploded trying to figure out what was going on